Tuesday, July 21, 2015

She is Coming...

She is Coming.
She is Coming.
Between the Two Wings of a Butterfly
Wind Woman is Coming.  

She is Whistling.
She is Whistling.
With Her breath, the Flute of Earth
She is Whistling.

She is Gathering.
She is Gathering.
A Storyteller of Beauty Heart
She is Gathering.

Singing She Comes in the Morning.
Singing She Comes in the Evening.
She Comes with a Healing Gift,
She Comes with the Gift of Herself.

She Comes with Yellow Corn,
Soft Green Moss and Old Stones.
She Grinds the Old Stones,
She Shines them like New Pebbles…
Tonight When the Moon Rises
and the Fire Friendly,
She Fleshes Earth’s Beauty Heart with Pebble Dust and Song.

--Betina Lindsey

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